All Things Rustic GB

What do you do? What materials/equipment do you use?

I make a combination of hand made and machined signs, lettering and furniture using wood (reclaimed where possible). My passion is man cave type work like Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels, Garden Pub signs etc and this is a new venture for me that came about as the result of being made redundant from a high-level role in the Safety and Security field. This resulted in time on my hands which allowed me to pursue something that I always loved as a child. Its fair to say that I do not consider myself an artist but I do consider myself to be creative.

What does being part of Arts Central bring you?

Arts Central is a community of varied but like-minded individuals who support each other’s work and have become friends/colleagues. Ideas are exchanged which adds and enhances our creative process. It’s a space that we can access at times that suits our own individual needs 24/7 which for me is invaluable.

To sum up, Arts Central is just a very nice place to be.