What do you do and how would you describe your work?

I am a sculptor and installation artist from Taiwan, now living in England. My work is an exploration of mindfulness, in which I explore the questions and conflicts that arise in my life. It’s a journey of self-discovery.

What medium do you use?

I don’t consider myself to be an artist of any one fixed medium. In the past I have worked with fabrics and thread, through to found objects and most recently aluminium mesh. As I discover more about myself, my choice of material changes to reflect this.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Materials themselves are often my inspiration; whether they be natural or synthetic, rigid or malleable, opaque or transparent. Sometimes I see a material already formed and feel inspired, whilst other times exploring what a material is capable of will bring about an idea of what I want to work towards.

How does it feel being part of the Arts Central community?

The Arts Central community is a relaxed and welcoming one. After just a month of residency I had met with many artists working across different mediums. It’s a great place to share ideas with each other.