Maliheh Zafarnezhad

What do you do? What medium do you use?

I am a collage artist; my practice reflects on my involvement with diaspora, displacement, cross-cultural experiences and most importantly my life experience as an Iranian-Irish woman who was raised in Iran. I use my personal antiquated family photos alongside archival photos of historical illustrations to create multi-layered pieces of collages. The collage pieces decontextualize images by merging photos from different times and places on the top of each other, such poetic approach which results in making metaphors could be seen as a method to give birth to a third time and place. These works could be seen as romantic attempts to delicately touch and provoke finest human emotions and probably to outline the paradoxes and complexity of identity.

I graduated with an MA in History of Art and Architecture from University of Limerick and my artwork has been exhibited in Iran, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

Who inspires you?

Old photographs, Safavid paintings.

What does being part of Arts Central bring you?

After moving from Ireland to UK, Arts Central was the first place that gave me this opportunity to work in my own studio beside other talented artists and helped me to improve my art network in Milton keynes.