Naomi Lutman

What do you do and how would you describe your work?

I do painting, photography and textiles. I enjoy photography more like a quiet observer, capturing and sharing those tiny moments of joy; the dew drop on a wild rose, an uplifting sunset, a gnarly tree stump or an interesting insect. I feel most at home surrounded by nature and its wild inhabitants.

My paintings started with wildlife, mainly taken from my own photographs. That way I capture the exact essence, detail and character of the creatures I intend to paint. The beauty of nature combined with the intricacies of mandalas, are represented in my latest artworks.

My textiles has focused on flora and fauna, mainly enlarged needlefelted flowers, appliqued butterflies or wet-felted wild landscapes.

What are the materials/equipment you use?

For my photography each shot is taken authentically (raw) with my mobile phone or more purposely with a digital SLR camera without filters or colour enhancements, just as nature intended.

For painting, I like the simplicity of a desk or easel, canvas, compass, acrylic paint, gesso, both stubby and soft wash brushes, watercolour pencils and other found items like feathers, seed pods and grasses that I use to create my work.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I draw on my time spent employed as a graphic designer that has instilled a sense of precision (akin to an ‘eagles eye’) and also perfectionism which both translate well into my current symmetry work.

I also appreciate the human form and mother nature is depicted so freely during the Renaissance. Studying this work during my A levels has fillsed me with awe of the great masters of our art world such as Michaelangelo. These days I especially like Ed Org and Brian Froud’s imaginative work which has led me to build on my love of fantastical and deviant art.

The beauty of nature and the intricacies of mandalas, are represented in my latest artwork, and from travelling amongst the colourful creatures and cultures of India, Costa Rica and Morocco.

How does it feel being part of the Arts Central community?

I am honored to be given the opportunity to have a studio space within the Art Central community of fellow creatives – there’s such a diverse range of disciplines here. Improvements to the environment will make things even better. I now have the space to spread my creative wings like never before, just like a liberated bird.